Hi all!

This blog post reiterates what we posted on Instagram a few months back. This is to ensure accessibility and also, a reminder of what our new vision and outlook on VRRG will look like! There may be an additional post outlining our history and upbringings, but that will be posted another time (just to provide more context on the people behind VRRG, but so you know, it’s a bunch of people who love music for what it is!). 

As many of you know, Verge.fm officially shut down in October of 2022. This was a decision the co-founders didn’t take lightly, but the time commitment and financial strain it required to run the radio were mounting. Although with the closure, we did take time to reflect on the period of the radio’s activity, October 2020-2022, and were reminded how influential and necessary Verge.fm was to the community in Columbus, OH and the Midwest.

Due to that reflection, we decided to shift focus from an internet radio station (Verge.fm) to
an internet ‘zine (VRRG), which will feature reviews and profiles focusing on electronic music in the Midwest, South and underground. As of right now, our reviews and artist profiles will be posted at infrequent intervals, depending on the workload that we can handle.

Below we have provided our FAQ (which is on our About Page) that provides more direct questions/answers. If you’d like us to consider your music for review or for our playlist, please email vergeradio26@gmail.com, or DM us on Instagram. We are so thankful for the support and we are definitely looking forward to the future! <3



1. Can I still contribute a radio show to Verge.fm?

Verge.fm is no longer an internet radio station, we are now a fanzine centering on electronic music in the American Midwest, South and underground.

2. Is there a way for my single / EP / party series to be written up by VRRG

If you want us to cover a project in the near future, we will be sure to consider the piece (especially as it pertains to the American Midwest and South). You can email vergeradio26@gmail.com your information and we can get back to you.

4. Can I send you my project even if I am not based in the Midwest?

Yes, but we will be more considerate of those still emerging and underground in the electronic music scene(s) on the American coasts.

5. Are you offering space for contributors?

At this time, we have internal writers for VRRG. In the future, we do hope to have contributors, but if only we have the financial means to support said writer.

6. What will the fanzine consist of?

VRRG will consist of written reviews, lists and profiles on DJs, producers, party series and legacy content aimed at highlighting said project. We plan on releasing multiple writing pieces each month.