Tears for Queers- Aaroncito & Baemy

Every 2ND SATURday of the Month at 12 PM EST

About the show

Aaron and Amy are two radical queers who live for the discourse, hunty. New Yorkers at heart, but Los Angelinos by design, they are both fascinated and exasperated by the spectre of capitalism that haunts freedoms of expression, which is inextricably tied to their queerness. Whether in music, fashion, politics, or even relationships, they wrestle with being able to live a true gay life in the big city whilst navigating the many nontruths that society has deemed paradigm. Aaron is a half black half mexican pansexual himbo, and Amy is a nonbinary bisexual musical theatre queen. Both with backgrounds in education, they'll give you some sassy food for thought and leave no crumbs. Voted most likely to clear the room at a cocktail party, they actually just have a lot of feelings, okay? For some reason Lady Gaga comes up in every episode...

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