Saudade- Niara Nuru

Every 3rd saturday of the Month at 2 PM EST

About the show

This show discusses the sensuality of sound. Deep house, liquid dnb, ambient leaning techno, downtempo, and trip hop are all sub-genres I have been doing a deep study on for the past few years. Ranging from 75BPM to 135BPM (mainly within the 120-130 range) I will give a history of electronic music from the perspective of sensuality, which to me, is about awakening the body to the senses that allow me to feel most alive. In a time of immeasurable separation and grieving (apocalypse), there must but space for tenderness, closeness, joy, and peace. The always sexy, sometimes joyful, sometimes melancholic mood of the show represents life as I (we) know it. Saudade is a Brasilian Português word that semi-translates to longing of the past, this show explores the music/tone of a time before the Covid-19 pandemic while acknowledging the current day horrors and pleasures. Niara Nuru is a Queer Black DJ/Ph.D. student/music scholar based in Riverside, California. Her name was created for her by family in a naming ceremony which means “The one who comes from light.” While attending college at Spelman College, the Atlanta club/rave scene and Inland Empire festival scene inspired her to begin her journey as a DJ. They enjoy playing with sensual sounds as well as soulful nostalgic music that packs a punch and deeper meaning for the crowd to ponder on while they dance.

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