VRRG is an internet fanzine based out of Columbus, OH, focusing on short-form reviews and profile features highlighting the electronic music scene in the United States. Our mission is to be a creative ecosystem that promotes marginalized, emerging, and underground artists primarily from the Midwest and beyond.

Previously we were an internet radio station that aired weekly. To listen back to our radio shows you can visit our Archive Page, or our Soundcloud.

We are 100% volunteer run with occasional support from sponsors, grants and collaborations.

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Crowd Shot from VRRG Halloween Party, 9/31/2022


Can I pitch/contribute writing to VRRG?

At this time, we do not accept contributors (that will change soon, though)! We want to ensure those who pitch their ideas, we can pay. Check back in a few months!

Can I still submit a radio show to VRRG?

At this time, we are no longer a radio station. We advise reaching out to your local radio, or an online station that align with your interest.

Can you review my [mix, single, EP]?

Yes, you can send your materials to our email, or through this form.

Can I send my [mix, single, EP] even though I am not in the Midwest?

Yes, but we will be more considerate of those who are still emerging and underground write-ups in the electronic music scene(s) in America.