Figuring It Out: Sneak Peek Weekend


Figuring It Out is a radio wave journey through the quest of “becoming” an Artist. Amber, a young artist currently based in Columbus, OH, is still figuring it out, herself. The task of “becoming” an artist is far more about the journey than it is about some mythic and idealized destination, and though she knows it, sometimes Amber still finds herself struggling with the idea that every step you take in Becoming the artist you want to be has already gotten you there. In this episode Amber will be in conversation with Kacey Gill, emerging Cleveland-based mixed media artist and cum laude Harvard graduate, on simply that: Becoming.

Kacey Gill is an emerging artist currently based in Cleveland, Ohio. Her work draws from her academic research on the black body and the function of embodiment. The entirety of her practice draws from a foundational understanding of the United States as a racial, spatial and capitalist empire.