Figuring It Out - Amber GM

Every 2nd sunday of the Month at 2 PM EST

About the show

Figuring It Out is a radio wave journey through the quest of “becoming” an Artist. Amber, a young artist currently based in Ohio, is still figuring it out, herself. The task of “becoming” an artist is far more about the journey than it is about some mythic and idealized destination. Though she already knows that truth, sometimes Amber still finds herself struggling with the idea that every step you take in Becoming the artist you want to be has already gotten you there. Becoming: Listening to your voice, finding your groove, and standing firm in it all. For Amber, this is all the things she wished she had heard before she decided to take the elusive path to become an artist. Though some of you might not see yourselves as “artists” in any traditional sense, there is always the thing we struggle to be vulnerable with and claim on the world’s stage. Our hope is that for you, this show also incites your own Becomings. Image by Tariq Tarey

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