Our Mission

VRRG is an online community writing platform based out of Columbus, OH, focusing on short-form writing and profile features on the electronic music scene in the United States. Previously we were an internet radio station that aired weekly. To listen back to our radio shows you can visit our Archive Page, or our Soundcloud.

Our mission is to be a creative ecosystem that promotes marginalized, emerging, and underground artists primarily from the Midwest and beyond. We are 100% volunteer ran with occasional support from sponsors, grants and collaborations.


In January of 2021, the Verge.fm (the radio) launched with founders Nadia Ayad, Reg Zehner, and Lu Jones during a period of isolation which prompted the trio to consider new ways of sharing music, stories, and information, as well as construct innovative collaborations with fellow artists.

Through a series of outdoor dance parties, arts collaborations, DJ workshops, networking events and online programming, we are bringing music to the city (physically and digitally) which is dusting itself off after a period of dormancy.

Going on forward as VRRG, the platform will center writing on communities tied to the electronic music scene, in the Midwest and beyond. 

Please send general Inquiries: vergeradio26@gmail.com